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Learning solutions for sustainable change

We can deliver anything relating to learning and development. Whether it is giving training, developing e-learning or creating a blended learning intervention. We believe in customisation. That is why we offer development, in the broadest sense. On- and offline, in the classroom and on the job.


Develop people

  • We help new employees to know the organisation before they actually start.
  • Improve yourself every day by developing new skills.
  • We make teams more effective to improve cooperation.

Thrive business

HBtraining is more than a training agency. We do everything for sustainable change. Every day we help large brands to redistribute knowledge as a strategic partner. We invent, develop and supply smart and efficient training programmes. We apply the newest insights and developments in the world of training.

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Het wat, waarom, wanneer en hoe van performance support
28 June, 2018
Nicole van de Ven - Smeelen Blended learning

In onze huidige tijd volgen maatschappelijke veranderingen elkaar snel op. Wat er van medewerkers op de werkplek verwacht wordt, hoe mensen zich...

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Blended learning 101: de 4 fases van een optimaal leerproces
11 May, 2018
Nicole van de Ven - Smeelen Blended learning

Meer leerrendement uit een training halen, dat willen we natuurlijk allemaal! Maar hoe weet je of je op de goede weg zit? Of je daadwerkelijk kennis...

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