A good start is the half battle

It is important for a new employee to quickly feel at home in a new work environment. Not only will this ensure that the newbie is more satisfied and committed, but also he will become productive more rapidly. And that is a good thing for both the employee and the business!

Would you like to save money when you hire and train new staff members? That is possible, as long as you pay sufficient attention to training new people. Did you know, for example, that no less than 30% of new employees who have not had a proper onboarding process, will leave the organisation after six months? This means a good onboarding process is essential when you want to have a satisfied employee who starts to be productive more rapidly. At AS Talent, we develop effective onboarding programmes that meet your learning objectives completely!

Numbers do not lie

Various studies have been done regarding the effects of onboarding programmes. And the numbers don’t lie!

onboarding-numbers_Tekengebied 290% of all employees decide whether they want to continue working for the organisation or not within the first year.
onboarding-numbers_Tekengebied 1New employees are 54% more productive when using formal onboarding programmes.
onboarding-numbers_Tekengebied 3Organisations that offer an onboarding programme, retain up to 91% of the employees, whereas companies that don’t invest time in onboarding only retain 30% of their employees.
onboarding-numbers_Tekengebied 4The average costs of replacing employees are somewhere between 2.800 and 17.000 euros.

These are figures to remember!

Advantages of onboarding

Research shows that a good onboarding proces leads to higher employee satisfaction, higher efficiency of the employee, better performance, stronger commitment, less stress and a reduction of employee turnover. Not to mention the considerable saving of time for the HR department!

Achieve your learning objectives

At AS Talent, we create effective onboarding programmes, that match the learning objectives you’ve set perfectly. We build this programme in our Learning Management System. Besides the many interactive features, this platform provides more advantages: we are able to monitor the employee’s activities and results. Therefore, we not only can present generic information that is the same for every employee, but also we are able to present specific content for each function. We work with a variety of learning platforms, which will be fully tailored to your requirements. Would you like to know more about the way such a learning platform operates? Please contact us and we will tell you all about it!

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In 5 steps to an effective onboarding program

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