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Strong B2B sales with qualified people and effective sales tools

It is time to rediscover how B2B sales is done. B2B sales are more about seduction than convincing. Cold calling used to be successful, but the environment of a B2B salesperson  is changing. The art is using the right tools. Prospects are not waiting to be called, but use the internet, social media and other tools to get information.

Respond to the B2B purchasing process of today

In the B2B purchasing process of today the buyer is in control. A successful salesperson knows the problems and challenges of the prospect and helpfully listens. The ideal salesperson has meaningful conversations and offers relevant solutions. The modern B2B salesperson realises that the buyer has done their own research online to come up with possible solutions to their problem. Sometimes the customer knows exactly what they want, but feels lost in an ocean of possibilities and expects proper advice.

Develop People

The three pillars of modern B2B sales 

Strong B2B sales is a combination of effective leadership, skilful account managers and smart technology. Make your sales organisation more successful and realise sustainable growth by investing in these three pillars of modern B2B sales:

  1. Develop effective leadership by working towards specific sales targets with a clear vision;
  2. Optimise commercial skills by offering products or services in a customer oriented ‘experience’;
  3. Learn to efficiently use smart sales automation tools.


Thrive Business 

Realise your sales targets 

Selling and learning have a lot in common.  They are about inspiring, not about convincing. Want to know more? Curious how our training programmes can help you? Please contact our B2B sales experts. 

Feel like rediscovering B2B-sales? We would like to help you grow. With our custom training programmes we realise growth of leaders, teams and therefore growth of your organisation. Curious how our training programmes can help you? Please contact our B2B sales expert.

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3 pillars of powerful B2B sales:

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