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Get more out of your sales talks with B2B sales training

In a time where B2B prospects are primarily getting their product information online, you will need more that a standard sales pitch about the benefits of your product or service. It is about offering the right solutions for the prospect’s problem. Customers expect you to know their challenges, and come up with ideas to help reach their goals. Mere enthusiasm about what you offer will not provide the eventual sell. How do you develop yourself to be a ‘trusted advisor’ and have customer contact which is both beneficial to you and the customer?

Optimise your commercial skills

The challenge is to ask the right questions at the right time to the right people. In a sales training you are going to develop those commercial skills. You will learn how you can involve a customer into you story, with the right conversation structure. How to use the right questions to discover the customer’s problems or goals and how to make the customer think. You will see that by listening closely, you can tell a story which better suits the challenges of the customer. At the end of the sales training you know how to offer solutions in a customer-oriented, passionate and self-assured way. Customers do not want a product or service, but a solution for their problem. This training makes sure that your sales success won’t be coincidence, but a thought-out and personal strategy.

Custom HBtraining

Our trainers also work as account managers, so they have broad experience with the business of sales. They are familiar with the context a salesperson has to work in daily. By brining participants in the right mindset, our trainings obtain optimal effect on growth and development. With an interactive hands-on approach we will develop skills and persuasive arguments that salespeople need to reach their sales targets and help the organisation to grow.

Sales training for sales and account managers

HBtraining organises several sales trainings for sales and account managers. Curious about the possibilities of sales coaching and training? Please contact us!

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