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Blended learning

A clever mix of online and offline learning

    Do the employees in your organisation need more sales, communicative or social skills? And is there a large group of people that need to be provided with the same information? Then a mix of offline and online learning, the so-called blended learning, is the ideal solution!

    In order to grow, you have to invest. Both in resources and in people. That takes time and money, so you want to be sure you make the right decisions that lead to concrete results. When you opt for the blended learning option, you choose for sustainable and measurable growth. With this clever mix of online and offline learning, you achieve the best possible results out of your learning solution. Our modern learning styles and techniques ensure growth of people, teams and organisations.

    Customised learning journey

    At HBtraining, we combine the power of face-to-face training with the flexibility that online training offers. This way, we create tailor-made learning journeys. These learning journeys are in line with the context of employment and the learning styles of the participant. By using these journeys, you reach the highest learning efficiency! Blended learning ensures that participants retain knowledge more easily. Besides, it is an easy way to educate large groups and to develop people. On the shop floor, in the train or on the couch at home. It can be used anytime, anywhere!

    Learn in your own way

    Everybody has their own learning methods. A blended learning journey gives participants the opportunity to learn wherever and whenever they want. At a pace that suits them and on a device of their choice. We build up the learning environment in such a way that everyone will achieve the best learning results. Then we combine the learning environment with our inspiring live training programmes. These programmes provides space for enhancement, feedback and practice of relevant skills and work situations. This way we create an ideal learning journey, focused on the employee.

    The perfect mix of learning elements

    At HBtraining, we consider learning as a mix of ingredients that reinforce one another. This combination of learning solutions is completely customised to the needs of your organisation. We use an integrated approach in order to achieve maximum impact. These are a couple of HBtraining’s ingredients:

    • Customised interactive e-learning
    • Physical training methods, which integrate seamlessly with the online environment
    • Stimulating reminders in the shape of tests and ‘video boosters’
    • Discussion forums and a communication platform
    • Competition elementen
    • Dashboards and management reports

    With the right mix of these ingredients, we create an effective and purposeful blended learning journey in coordination with you!

    Achieve your learning objectives

    We are happy to help you develop a blended learning journey. Whether it is a separate e-learning module or a complete learning journey. Our journeys are inspiring and match with all different learning styles. If you would like to know more about the possibilities, please contact us and we will tell you all about it!