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Jumbo Extra's

Jumbo Extras is Jumbo's new customer program. This allows customers to save for free groceries, discount on trips and fun extras. To bring Jumbo Extras to the attention of customers, Jumbo uses hosts. To prepare these hosts for their role, HBtraining developed an e-learning for Jumbo.

Online preparation

Before the hosts actually enter the stores, good preparation are crucial. The host will be prepared bij completing the e-learning, which is the key to success. The e-learning consists of two parts: Jumbo Extras and Jumbo Sales Skills. The total time investment is up to two hours, depending on the level of knowledge and experience of the host. Appropriate to the target group - mostly generation Z - the content is also mobile accessible, visually attractive and in varied forms: video, practical examples and quizzes.


Top down approach

For the e-learning, a top down approach has been specifically chosen: a learning form in which content is offered 1) from difficult to easy and 2) from the big picture to details. A test measures whether the host is ready to enter the store. The existing knowledge level of the host is measured a baseline measurement. For those parts that score insufficiently (<75%), advice is given in which specific areas knowledge is still lacking. The host can make up the missing knowledge himself and then take the final test. When the final test is passed with a minimum score of 75%, the host is ready to enter the store! This way of testing means that a participant does not have to learn information that he already knows.

Video versus text

To connect to everyone's way of learning, the participant can choose between video explanations, text or both. In the sales skills section, the total sales conversation is explained in 7 steps with video, theory and test questions. The test questions vary in input questions, towing questions and multiple choice questions.


After obtaining the required score, the host receives his certificate and can enter the store full of enthusiasm, knowledge and skills. Hello Jumbo Extras!



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