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Product field training Google

"Hey Google, how hot is it today?" Your Google Assistant can help you with more than a million actions, our houses are increasingly becoming "smart homes" and technology is developing rapidly. Retail chains in consumer electronics have a huge product range, products with all kinds of new technical gadgets. For these chains, such as MediaMarkt, Coolblue and BCC, it is therefore extremely important that their sellers have sufficient knowledge about all these products. And this knowledge is provided by the product brand.

HBtraining provides, on behalf of Google, the training of the sellers on the floor of MediaMarkt, Coolblue and BCC for Google products. Our product field trainers take the sellers along in the many developments and innovations of all kinds of Google products and thus make real Google ambassadors of the sellers.

From Assistant to Nest and Chromebook

Because what can the Google Assistant do? How do you use it? And what is the difference between the Nest Mini and the Home Mini? How does the Nest Hub work in combination with Youtube or Netflix? And why should you have a Chromebook and not a laptop or MacBook? Topics our product field trainers know everything about!

Focus on experiencing it yourself


In addition to the store visits, all kinds of training courses are offered to train the sellers in the retail chains. Classroom training, live and virtual, webinars and workshops where the focus is on testing the Google products. Physically testing the Google products to experience the possibilities. In addition, we developed a training platform with knowledge videos in which the products are demonstrated by the product field trainers and a Google Retail Training platform where sellers can follow specific training modules to gain more knowledge.



A real demo-in-a-box was developed: a suitcase with Google products such as the Nest Hub, Nest Mini and Nest Hello. The suitcase can be set up and demonstrated in 1 minute and can be taken along on the way. It can also be used during "assisted" sales conversations of the trainer with the seller and the customer, but it can also be easily presented in virtual sessions. Useful at this time!


Google Ambassador Day

Every MediaMarkt location has a real Google Ambassador. A salesperson per location that is the Google product specialist. A Google Ambassador Day is organized twice a year for this target group. A day dedicated to transfer knowledge, kick-off of new products and concepts and of course also a fun game element with the fellow Ambassadors! View an impression of the Google Ambassador Day below!


See more cases

Jumbo Extra's

Jumbo Extras is Jumbo's new customer program. This allows customers to save for free groceries, discount on trips and fun extras. To bring Jumbo Extras to the attention of customers, Jumbo uses hosts. To prepare these hosts for their role, HBtraining developed an e-learning for Jumbo.

Nespresso Academy

Make sure that our sales team and consultants execute every customer contact perfectly and turn them into real brand ambassadors. With this challenge, Nespresso turned to HBtraining for help. Having 32 different types of coffee and a big turnover of employees alone, this was a huge challenge.

Mercedes C-Sales training programme

For her new salespeople, Mercedes-Benz has developed a training programme: C-sales, also known as Certified Sales. This programme is based on seven competencies that a Mercedes-Benz salesperson should have to a sufficient extent.

Unilever Junior District Manager Academy

HBtraining developed a blended learning journey for Unilever’s junior district managers. The purpose of the training programme was to learn how to communicate effectively, in order to build stronger customer relations and obtain better results.