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Our live training programmes

Effective, interactive ánd inspiring

Do your employees just miss the right skills to close that one deal? Or have you employed a manager that could lead his team that little more effective? Our live training programmes offer you the right solution.

Why our training programmes are so effective? Because they are created by our certified trainers. Our people have a huge amount of knowledge and experience in the area of marketing, sales, management and communication. Based on your learning objectives they implement theory in a practical manner  in your organisation’s daily reality. You can choose from the training programmes in our portfolio or go for a customised training.

Training programmes

In all cases we create programmes that match your organisation’s objectives. Besides, they match the level and the learning styles of the participants. We come up with the complete training programme ourselves, including all corresponding working methods, exercises and coaching elements.

Interaction and result

Our training programmes are full of inspiration and interaction. Why? That is simple. Because it ensures a satisfactory outcome! For example, our programmes contain practical exercises, role plays and workshops. These, of course, are dependent on what you are trying to achieve during the training. Participants will carry out assignments autonomously, because about 70% of what you learn, you learn by doing it yourself! Besides, we connect our training programmes to the theory of the six brain principles. By doing this, we create new and strong connections in the brain, so the participant will process and remember everything he learns.

Our training programmes

Account management

You’d like to get your organisation up to speed in the field of commerce and sales? An account management training will help to put both your employees and your organisation on the right track!

B2B Sales

How do your employees enthuse a customer about your product or service? With our B2B Sales training you optimise their commercial skills!

Coaching Leadership

Your employees’ performances and learning abilities benefit extremely from managers that have conversations with them regularly. ‘Coaching managers’, focusing on interaction.


Your organisation benefits from employees who can communicate and work together well. In order to do that, an employee needs insight in his own behaviour and that of someone else.

Effective Communication

Provide your employees insights on their own communication style and its effectiveness during our Effective Communication training!

Efficient Self Management

Many positions within an organisation ask for self-reliant and independent employees. With the Efficient Self Management training you will get them started!

How to deal with difficult conversations

Your employees on the shop floor frequently face difficult situations and conflicting interests. Good communication skills can help them to resolve the situation.

Lab of Life

Vital employees do not only feel better, but also are more productive, scientific research shows. Companies that have employees who feel good about themselves perform arguably better, make more profits demonstrably and show a demonstrable reduction of absenteeism.

Physical and mental vitality

'Lab of Life' increases the physical and mental vitality of individual employees. The Lab of Life method helps employees to increase their personal motivation, effectiveness and productivity sustainably. Result: a healthy balance between work and private, which contributes to a sustainable employability.

What is it that makes the Lab of Life method special?

  • Use of proven behaviour-changing techniques
  • Developed and scientifically validated by Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
  • Individual approach: personal development under your own direction
  • Focus on strengthening authenticity and increasing self-management abilities
  • Responding to automatic processes in breaking habits
  • Not woolly, but solution focussed

What does the program look like?

  • Five two-hour sessions with a lead time of approximately eight weeks
  • Individual approach: work actively with your personal situation and desire for change
  • Tools to reach change independently and permanently in daily life
  • Breaking habits
  • Specific action perspective to maintain a healthy energy balance


Your organisation benefits from employees with a good work-life balance. By letting them do this Mindfulness training you can offer them the peace of mind they need for sustainable employability.

Professional Presentation

Your organisation benefits from staff that can tell their stories professionally. This training Professional Presentation will offer them the right tools!

Retail Sales

How do you make sure your retail people are not only enthusiastic about your product or service, but also turn the customer into a ‘brand lover’? Our Retail Sales training will act as a stepping stone!

Self-awareness in your role

To be successful in their work, it is important for your employees to have a good relationship with their contact persons. Our training ‘Self-awareness in your role’ offers the right tools and guidance!

Shopper Marketing

How can your employees influence a shopper’s behaviour? Boost their skills with our Shopper Marketing training!

Situational Leadership

A leadership style can have a big impact on your employees’ performance. During our Situational Leadership training your managers learn exactly what your staff and organisation need!


It is important for your retail people to have a good story to tell. By doing so, they tie customers and prospects to your organisation, product and/ or service. Storytelling is key!

Successful Negotiation

Would you like your sales people to be flawless negotiators? Then our train Successful Negotiation is exactly what they need!

Train the Trainer

Transferring knowledge? You can do it by hiring an external trainer, but you can also turn your own employees into trainers! Our training Train the Trainer shows you how to do it!