Self-awareness in your role

More result by leaving a good impression

    To be successful in their work, it is important for your employees to have a good relationship with their contact persons. Our training ‘Self-awareness in your role’ offers the right tools and guidance!

    Which impression does an employee make on his relations? How self-aware is he or she about it? How much influence does he have on it? And how does he want come across? In order to be successful in their job, your employees’ relations with their contact persons is essential. It largely determines whether someone has the goodwill factor.

    During this training your employees will learn to be more aware of their own behaviour and its effects. They will also learn how they want to promote themselves and how to translate all this to specific behaviour. Your staff will have the knowledge and the insight to consciously work on reaching their optimal commercial results. Directly applicable in practice!

    For whom?

    The ‘Self-awareness in your Role’ training is suitable for employees who want to start a customer conversation in a more self-conscious way.

    Which subjects will be addressed?

    • ‘Mindshift’
    • Elevator-pitch: which ‘first’ impression do you leave behind?
    • Feedback rules
    • Speed dating: giving and receiving feedback
    • DISC-behaviour and discussing your own analysis
    • The laws of influence
    • Shaping your desired impression: what is included?
    • From keywords to specifically observable behaviour
    • Exercise by taking part in practical simulations
    • Personal plan of action. Elaborate ‘My desired footprint’

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