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Shopper Marketing

From purchasing intention to an actual sale

    How can your employees influence a shopper’s behaviour? Boost their skills with our Shopper Marketing training!

    Which steps does a shopper take from the moment he wants to buy something to the actual moment of sale? And how will the shopper’s behaviour be influenced ? Which possible barriers will the shopper encounter on his way to the sale?

    Our Shopper Marketing trainer responds to influencing the shopper’s behaviour. It also offers the participant knowhow and tools to make your product or brand more visible on the shop floor. This way, you can respond to the shoppers’ and customers’ specific needs better. Furthermore you can increase the ‘shopper experience’.

    For whom?

    The Shopper Marketing training is a must for anyone who wants to become a shopper marketing specialist.

    Which subjects will be addressed?

    • What is shopper marketing and why is it important?
    • Shopper insights: which behaviour does a shopper show and how do you react to it effectively?
    • Shopper safari: How does shopper marketing apply to the actual practice?
    • Shopper path to purchase: from purchasing intention to an actual sale
    • Instore communication mix: which instore media do you actively use during the path to purchase?

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