Train the Trainer

Effective knowledge transfer

    Transferring knowledge? You can do it by hiring an external trainer, but you can also turn your own employees into trainers! Our training Train the Trainer shows you how to do it!  

    Training is an effective way of knowledge transfer for many organisations. But instead of hiring an external trainer, you could choose to train your employees within the organisation, so they can share their knowledge effectively. Yes, indeed: Train the Trainer!

    This training makes sure that internal trainers will get a proper education. The participant learns, among other things, to recognise and harmonise different learning styles and teaching formats, to adjust his behaviour to group dynamics, to present with confidence and pleasure and to build up a training from a didactic model. 

    For whom?

    The Train the Trainer training is suitable for employees who are responsible for the transfer of knowledge within the organisation and to customers.  

    Which subjects will be addressed?

    • The didactic model as a guideline for the design of the training  
    • Kolb’s learning styles
    • Educational process: Knowledge - Insight - Integration - Implementation
    • Presenting as learning method
    • Four steps of learning
    • Learning methods
    • Leading evaluative talks, discussions
    • Working with assignments
    • Giving, receiving and refining feedback
    • Dealing with resistance effectively
    • Group dynamics
    • Six brain principles for effective learning
    • How to evaluate a training

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