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Create the ideal learning journey

Learning solutions by HBtraining

HBtraining is more than a training agency. We combine effective live training with the newest possibilities in learning. This way we create the ideal learning journey for your employees. This can be with e-learning. It can be Gamification. It all depends on your goals. We help you to reach them.

Live training by experienced trainers 

Our trainers know what they are doing. This makes our live training programmes so effective. With plenty of room for inspiration and interaction our trainers know to implement theory in the daily reality of your organisation.

E-learning developer 

With an e-learning programme learning becomes easy, fast and effective. Our e-learning developers utilise the newest learning styles and techniques to create custom learning journeys. We focus on implementation in the work space and creating sustainable growth and development.

Blended learning specialist

Our power is blended learning: a powerful combination of e-learning and live training. We believe the best learning efficiency can be achieved with custom learning journeys that fit the workplace and learning style of the participant. As blended learning specialist we are capable of developing a combination of learning interventions suitable for your organisation. With an integral approach for the best result.