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Blended learning combines training and practice with an online learning environment

To develop you need to invest. In resources but also people. This takes time and money, so you want certainty that you will make efficient choices resulting in tangible results. When you choose blended learning, you choose sustainable and measurable development. With a carefully composed blend of on- and offline learning, you will get maximum result out of your investment.

1 + 1 = 3

We combine the power of face to face training with the flexibility of e-learning. We believe that the best learning efficiency can be achieved with custom learning journeys which suit the workplace and learning style of the participant. Blended learning makes sure that information is better retained and makes it easy to educate large groups of people in a different way. On the job, commuting or from home.

Learn your way

Everyone learns differently. A blended learning journey empowers the participants to learn when and where they please. At a pace that suits them best. On a device of their choice. We have build the learning environment in such a way that everyone gets the best learning results. Inspiring live training offers room for depth, feedback and practice in relevant skills and work situation. That is how you create the ideal learning journey, focussed on the employee.

The perfect blend of learning moments

At HBtraining we view learning from a different perspective: as a blend of ingredients that supplement each other. We develop a blend of learning interventions completely attuned to your organisation with an integral approach for the best result. The ingredients of HBtraining are, inter alia:

  • Custom made interactive e-learning
  • Live training that aligns with the online environment
  • Motivating reminders in the form of tests and video boosters
  • Discussion forums and a communication platform
  • Elements of competition
  • Dashboards and management reports


With the right blend of these ingredients we can create an effective and focussed blended learning journey, together.


Make your learning targets come true

We will gladly help you to develop a blended learning journey. Whether the goal is a single e-learning module or an entire learning journey. Our learning journeys are inspiring and fit all learning styles. Curious about the possibilities? Please contact us and our blended learning specialist will tell you!

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