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Online training

Learn wherever and whenever you want

    A lot of people that need to be provided with the same, relevant information? An online training or e-learning is the perfect solution for transmitting this information in an easy, quick and effective way. Besides, it’s easy to expand and update the information if necessary. It goes without saying that we use the newest learning styles and techniques to create a customised learning journey. We always remain close to practical situations and focus on sustainable growth and development of the participant.

    The learner is top priority

    When do we process learning materials best? When they correspond with our interest. That is why our training programmes are based on the idea that the learner is top priority, not the information. We offer our material in such a way, that it matches the participant’s interests and needs. Skills and knowledge that the participant possesses already, don’t have to be trained anymore. 

    The right content at the right time

    The content of our online training programmes is customised to the needs of the participant, in order to make sure he receives the right information at the right time. Therefore, we always consider which information is relevant, where and when interaction is needed and which way is most suitable to deliver information as effectively as possible.

    Effective learning platform

    We build up the content we create in a Learning Management System, but it can also be implemented in your own learning platform. Using such a learning platform has many advantages, such as:

    • All information can be found on one platform
    • Tailor-made interactive e-learning
    • Stimulating reminders in the shape of tests and ‘video boosters’
    • Competition elements
    • Dashboards to measure and follow the participants’ results
    • Content that is easily adjustable
    • Suitable for all mobile devices

    We tailor the type of learning platform completely to your needs and wishes. Are you curious about the way a learning platform works? Check out aNewSpring’s demo below. This is one of the platforms we work with.

    Develop your online learning journey

    We are happy to assist you in developing an online learning journey. Whether it is about a separate e-learning module or an extended learning journey, all our learning solutions are inspiring and are in line with all learning styles. Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Please, contact us and we will tell you all about it!