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Virtual classroom training

Efficient, flexible and interactive!

    A virtual classroom training offers all the advantages of a classroom training, but you do not have to be at a specific location and follow the training from your own location. Trainer and student have live contact with each other trough an online video connection. Just like in a classroom training, in a virtual classroom theory is discussed, knowledge and experiences are shared, assignments are done and feedback is given. So if you think that a virtual classroom is not interactive, that is certainly not the case!

    Different way of training

    However, a virtual classroom training really works differently than a classroom training. This way you virtually do not see what everyone is doing or how someone is looking. And this requires a different view of didactics and way of training. Our trainers know better than anyone how to keep a participant engaged during a virtual classroom training and ensure a good balance between duration, design and content of the training. So that an optimal learning restult is achieved!

    More flexibility, less costs

    Some advantages of virtual classroom training:

    • You can follow the training wherever you want as long as you have a laptop with internet, a microphone and a camera.
    • You have no travel time or travel costs
    • You have no location rental
    • Just like in classroom training, you can apply a lot of interaction, for example through break-out sessions, various quiz forms or a digital whiteboard.

    Virtual presentation with impact

    Because we are all involved in virtual meetings and presentations at this time, we have developed the training "Virtual presentation with impact". In this training we address all kinds of challenges for giving a professional virtual presentation. Because how do you keep the attention? How do you deal with the limited options of interaction? How do you deal with various digital soft- and hardware tools? How do you convert your live session into an online session?



    Want to know more about virtual classroom training?

    Are you curious about the possibilities or would you like to know more? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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