We create effective learning solutions

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About us

Our passion is developing people and organizations. Our goal-driven professionals help your organization thrive by developing your people. Our areas of expertise include retail, marketing, sales and communication. We think learning and development capabilities are the basis for people engagement and therefore put people central to our approach.


Your key to growth

We believe that individuals and teams who perform better are the key to organizational growth. That is why we create inspiring learning journeys, designed to suit your wishes, needs and objectives. We empower your people to release their full potential.


Your strategic partner

New insights in the market are no secret to us. We share our experience and vision with you. We combine trends, insights and stakeholder demands to create the best learning strategies for your situation.


Your learning and development facilitator

Our certified trainers and state-of-the-art learning platform create an impactful learning experience. We are happy to share our knowledge and skills to make sure you reach your goals and KPI’s. We can support you with a tailormade full learning and development service solution as a part of your organization.


Your blended learning supplier

We provide creative and impactful learning solutions either off-the-shelf or custom made. We ensure a right mix of learning tools for the most efficient and effective learning experience. We create content and can distribute and integrate that content via our Learning Management System.

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Brain based learning

Learning has everything to do with the working of our brain. This is also the starting point when developing, designing and implementing our learning solutions. With our brain based learning techniques we optimize the way of learning new skills, gaining knowledge and improve attitudes.

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Learning and emotions are stongly related to each other. Emotions help by remembering the learned material. Make it exciting and challenging.


70% of the things we learn is learned by doing ourselves. Think about roleplaying or practical assignments. You will think more deeply when participating actively.

Rich sensory experience

We notice everything around us with all of our senses. We learn better when multiple senses are stimulated. Feel, smell, taste... Use as many senses as possible when learning.


Attention is required to learn and to remember. Your brain decides in just a few seconds if something is relevant or interesting or not. We see what we want to see. So make the subject matter useful, realistic and imaginable. For instance by practicing practical situations.


Keep repeating the same message at different times. Repetition is one of the most important ways to learn and store your knowledge. So keep repeating the same matter in a different way at different times.

Building on

The capacity of out short term memory is limited. We learn better when we recognize patterns. That is why it's important to activate the prior knowledge of the participant. 

Advantage Smollan

AS Talent operates throughout Europe and is part of Advantage Smollan. Advantage Smollan creates and delivers highly valuable sales and marketing solutions for consumer goods companies and retailers, all over the world. With service excellence, thought leadership, and entrepreneurial spirit, Advantage Smollan delivers better results for clients and customers.