The power of people

Better performing people and teams are the key to organisational success. We believe effective learning and development solutions are essential for people engagement and growth. AS Talent is here to improve performance and keep the people who make your business thrive, committed to your success. Therefore, we offer goal-oriented and measurable learning and development solutions, tailored to your challenges. We focus on companies and brands who see the value of a very strong sales and retail organisation to transform shoppers into customers.

Our expertise


Customized blended learning journeys

Effective live training combined with creative online content, that’s what we believe in. In this way, we create an efficient and effective learning journey for employees.


Employee onboarding

Employee onboarding as a means to develop dedicated and spirited employees. We develop effective onboarding programs who make sure employees are productive more quickly.



With our collection of micro learning academies, you can train employees in a series of videos.  Training which is short and to the point, combined with some theory. 


Marketing, sales, management & communication training

Off-the-shelf or custom made training, our trainers have in-depth knowhow in the area of marketing, sales and communication.

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