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9 challenges & solutions

of our awardwinning onboarding program!

    9 challenges and the solutions of our awardwinning onboarding program!

    "Why did exactly you win the award for Most Inspiring Learning Journey 2020 and 'Best technology-based onboarding program?" I regularly got that question after the aNewSpring Awards ceremony and the Learning Technologies Awards last year. That is why I will give you insights in the solutions we came up with during the development of our award-winning onboarding program based on 9 concrete challenges!

    Let's go back to the case with which we won two awards this year: an onboarding program for the sales promoters of Hamilton Bright Brand Activation (HBBA). The promoters most often are young, from generation Z, are studying and doing the work as a side job. A target group that is digital minded and visually oriented and has a short attention span.

    Curious about the onboarding program? Check out the result below in a 2-minute impression video.


    Well, here they are, 9 challenges and the solutions…

    # 1: How do you let the target group (generation Z) learn for their side job?

    In line with the profile of the target group, we have made the content easily accessible on a mobile basis. We have used a lot of variety in learning methods: video, vlogging, quiz elements and (hand-in) assignments. We also used an attractive design, appealing and funny gifs and a tone of voice that appeals to the target group.

    hbba vloggen als een pro

    # 2: How do you bond with your coach without physical contact?

    By means of various welcome videos of the team at the office, the participant still gets an impression of his colleagues at HBBA and feels welcome. In addition, the participant will vlog about the first working day, the first week and the first month. The vlogs are submitted by means of a video submission assignment.

    # 3: Promoters often need access to the onboarding very quickly

    In order to be able to provide access to the onboarding program to a promoter at any time, we have issued unique access codes to the customer. The customer can release and manage these codes to new employees.

    # 4: Make sales promoters proud of their new job and provide insight into opportunities

    A welcome video by the HBBA general manager ensures that the new employee feels taken seriously and feels welcome. In the section "It's fun to work at HBBA" we show why it is nice to work at HBBA: from an own festival to videos that discuss the activities for major brands and the concrete interpretation of your working day. Supplemented with nice, funny illustrations and quiz questions.

    # 5: High employee turnover

    We use personal vlogs: colleagues who explain why working at HBBA is so much fun. In this way we create ambassadors for the employees. By giving examples of "career Journeys" we show the promoter what the career possibilities are within HBBA and the many possibilities for following training courses to develop yourself.

    hbba oh behave# 6: Make everyone work according to the manual

    Not a long and boring manual, but we use funny visuals that elaborate on the house rules: Oh Behave!

    # 7: How do we customize the onboarding for every sales promoter?

    Part of the onboarding program serves as the basis for all promoters. The promoters can work for different brands. Depending on the brand the promoter works for, he is also linked to a brand-specific module. In this way the content is as relevant as possible!

    # 8: How do we make onboarding even more specific for different profiles of sales promoters?

    There are different profiles of promoters: people who only work one day, people who occasionally work for a day and people who work on a permanent contract base. We create a different execution of the onboarding program for each profile, so that only the relevant activities and blocks are accessible for a participant.

    # 9: Reduce one day of live training to 2 hours of online learning

    Within the brand-specific module for the Jumbo promoters, we have opted for a top down approach: content from difficult to easy and from the big picture to details. Participants start with a baseline measurement to test the knowledge level and when a minimum score of 75% is achieved, the final certificate is released. The 1-measurement may be taken as often as necessary: ​​a promoter can only enter the store with a minimum test score of 75%. We created a handy, downloadable cheat sheet as a quick link that summarizes the 7 steps in the sales conversation. In addition, we have deployed personal coaching in the workplace.

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    Nicole van de Ven