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Our approach

The power of the brain

We set up and run our learning solutions from the perspective of the functioning of the brain. We distinguish six practical brain principles that generate new and strong connections in the brain. Based on these principles, we optimise knowledge, skills and attitudes. Furthermore, we facilitate processing and remembering everything a participant learns and therefore, the result of our training programmes!

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Learning and emotions are stongly related to each other. Emotions help by remembering the learned material. Make it exciting and challenging.


70% of the things we learn is learned by doing ourselves. Think about roleplaying or practical assignments. You will think more deeply when participating actively.

Rich sensory experience

We notice everything around us with all of our senses. We learn better when multiple senses are stimulated. Feel, smell, taste... Use as many senses as possible when learning.


Attention is required to learn and to remember. Your brain decides in just a few seconds if something is relevant or interesting or not. We see what we want to see. So make the subject matter useful, realistic and imaginable. For instance by practicing practical situations.


Keep repeating the same message at different times. Repetition is one of the most important ways to learn and store your knowledge. So keep repeating the same matter in a different way at different times.

Building on

The capacity of out short term memory is limited. We learn better when we recognize patterns. That is why it's important to activate the prior knowledge of the participant. 


About us

Sustainable growth for people and organisations

HBtraining is a training agency that has a passion for developing people and organisations. We strongly believe that better performing people and teams are key to an organisation’s success. Therefore, we offer effective learning solutions that make people, teams and organisations grow. Purposeful and measurable learning journeys, tailored to your challenges. We gladly think along finding an efficient learning journey that makes your people reach their full potential!

Inventors of creative learning solutions

We combine powerful live training programmes with the newest tools and knowledge in the field of learning. All our live training programmes are provided by experienced trainers. Besides, our developers are familiar with the latest e-learning techniques. Our strength lies in blended learning solutions: a strong combination of personal live training and measurable, online learning journeys. The ideal learning journey depends on your objectives. We are happy to help you reaching your goals!