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Available training

Effective learning means optimal growth

Whether you use a powerful live training, an online training or a mix of the two, we create the ideal learning path for your employees. Which training you choose, depends completely on the goals you’d like to achieve. Needless to say, we always use the newest possibilities in the field of learning! 



Live training

Why our live training is always effective? That is because our seasoned trainers know exactly what they are doing. They combine their in-depth knowledge in the area of marketing, sales, management and communication with the knowhow they have about the brain and the six brain principles. By providing room for inspiration and interaction they link theory with your organisation’s daily reality. You can choose from the training programmes in our portfolio or go for a customised training.

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Virtual classroom training

A virtual classroom training works differently from a classroom training. Our trainers know better than anyone how to keep a participant engaged during a virtual classroom training and ensure a good balance between duration, design and content of the training. So that an optimal learning result is achieved!

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Online training

Learning online is easy, quick and effective. Our e-learning developers use the newest learning styles and techniques in order to create tailor-made learning programmes. They always focus on a translation into practice and on sustainable growth and development. 

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Blended learning

At HBtraining, we excel in blended learning: a powerful combination of e-learning and live training. From experience we know that learning works best if you use a specific learning pathway which is appropriate for the work environment ánd the participants’ learning styles. We develop a strong, integrated combination of learning solutions specially for you, in order to get the best result.

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It is important for new employees to ‘land’ well in your organisation. Onboarding is an important tool to provide a good start for employees in their new work environment. It will help them to be more involved and become productive more rapidly. We develop effective onboarding programmes that match your specific learning objectives.

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Worden er binnen jouw organisatie producten ontwikkeld die binnen het retailkanaal verkocht worden? En wil van je van de verkopers van jouw product succesvolle productambassadeurs maken die ervoor zorgen dat jouw product het wint van de concurrentie? Dan is het inzetten van producttrainers de oplossing!

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