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A passion for growing together…

So you are ambitious and you would love for your organisation to grow?

Then it is important that your people and teams excel, because people and teams that perform better are the key to growth. In order to achieve this improvement in performance, you need effective learning solutions. Purposeful and measurable learning programmes, aligned with your challenges. At HBtraining, we are pleased to think along with you. Together we can create an efficient learning programme that helps people ánd your organisation to reach their full potential!


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Our training courses

Self-awareness in your role

To be successful in their work, it is important for your employees to have a good relationship with their contact persons. Our training ‘Self-awareness in your role’ offers the right tools and guidance!

Train the Trainer

Transferring knowledge? You can do it by hiring an external trainer, but you can also turn your own employees into trainers! Our training Train the Trainer shows you how to do it!  

Successful Negotiation

Would you like your sales people to be flawless negotiators? Then our train Successful Negotiation is exactly what they need!


It is important for your retail people to have a good story to tell. By doing so, they tie customers and prospects to your organisation, product and/ or service. Storytelling is key!

Situational Leadership

A leadership style can have a big impact on your employees’ performance. During our Situational Leadership training your managers learn exactly what your staff and organisation need!

Shopper Marketing

How can your employees influence a shopper’s behaviour? Boost their skills with our Shopper Marketing training!

Retail Sales

How do you make sure your retail people are not only enthusiastic about your product or service, but also turn the customer into a ‘brand lover’? Our Retail Sales training will act as a stepping stone!

Professional Presentation

Your organisation benefits from staff that can tell their stories professionally. This training Professional Presentation will offer them the right tools!

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Our expertise

Live training

Live training

Customised training delivered by certified trainers who have a huge amount of knowledge in the field of marketing, sales and communication.
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Virtual classroom training

Virtual classroom

A virtual classroom training offers all the advantages of a classroom training, but you do not have to be physically present on location.
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Learning experiences with significant impact. We use the latest techniques in the field of learning styles within our state-of-the-art platform.
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Blended learning

Blended learning

Optimal learning programmes for your employees, by using a unique mix of effective live training and the newest online possibilities.
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This type of training ensures that your employees will be productive more rapidly. You will provide a basis for keeping your staff engaged long term.
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The 6 brain principles

Learning has everything to do with the working of the brain. This knowledge is the basis for the way we establish and execute our learning solutions. We optimise knowledge, competences and attitudes based on six practical brain principles that create new and strong connections in your brain. This way we facilitate processing and remembering everything a participant learns and therefore, the result of our training.

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