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Professional Presentation

Create a lasting impression on your audience

    Your organisation benefits from staff that can tell their stories professionally. This training Professional Presentation will offer them the right tools!

    All eyes are on you, full of anticipation. A little nervous you start your presentation. Will they be listening? Can you keep them interested? Will the message come across well? Or won’t it? And why is that the case? Presenting can be a fairly tense experience and sometimes even stressful. A professional approach and mastering the techniques will help your staff to create a long lasting impression on their audience. Furthermore, it will make presenting a lot more enjoyable for them.

    During this training, the emphasis will be on learning by doing. We connect a participant’s learning objectives to real life situations.

    For whom?

    The training Professional Presentation is suitable for anyone presenting on a regular basis. 

    Which subjects will be addressed?

    • Doing and watching: how does your presentation come across?
    • Conviction by an optimised interaction between form and content
    • Verba l and non-verbal presentation techniques
    • How to prepare a presentation
    • Structure
    • Storytelling and other ways to make your message stick better
    • How to deal with tension

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