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Touching people in mind and heart

    It is important for your retail people to have a good story to tell. By doing so, they tie customers and prospects to your organisation, product and/ or service. Storytelling is key!

    A good story touches people. A good story brings a product or service to life. It ensures that the customer can relate to your story emotionally. Potential customers will be attached to the organisation, the product the service and of course to the sales person himself more easily. And that is a good thing, because proceeding to a purchase is always an emotional decision.

    The Storytelling training provides the participant with practical tools and insights, which helps them to make sure they connect with their customer when they use the right building blocks for their story. The impact of their efforts will therefore increase enormously.

    For whom?

    Our Storytelling training is suitable for sales professionals who want to sell their product, service or organisation with a bigger impact.

    Which subjects will be addressed?

    • What is storytelling?
    • Why does storytelling work?
    • How to inspire your audience
    • Building blocks: build your story
    • The success formula of a convincing story
    • Implementation of storytelling
    • Directing and practising your story
    • Receiving feedback on your story
    • Personal plan of action

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