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Successful Negotiation

Secure a greater return from conversations

    Would you like your sales people to be flawless negotiators? Then our train Successful Negotiation is exactly what they need!

    Are your sales pitches not always going well? Do you experience resistance from the other party during your sales pitch? A sales person spends a lot of time negotiating and wants to get the maximum out of a conversation. The main aim of successful negotiation is to come to an agreement that is acceptable for both parties.

    In this training we look at the participants’ style. They will work with a negotiation method that explicitly targets reaching results in an efficient and friendly way to receive a better return on their sales pitches. After doing this training your sales people can separate people from the problem, focus on the interests of your organisation, not on positions. Besides, they can create possibilities before making decisions.

    For whom?

    The Successful Negotiation training is suitable for anyone who has sales experience in a B2B environment.

    Which subjects will be addressed?

    • Hard versus soft negotiation skills
    • Principled negotiation: the theory
    • The four steps
      - Separate people from the problem
      - Focus on interests, not on positions
      - Look for solutions of mutual interest
      - Press for objective criteria
    • Applying principled negotiation
    • Confident communication: questioning skills and keeping the lead
    • Communication out of interests: what will your conversation partner gain from it?

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