Situational Leadership

The right style at the right moment

    A leadership style can have a big impact on your employees’ performance. During our Situational Leadership training your managers learn exactly what your staff and organisation need!

    How do I apply my qualities and behaviour as a manager consciously? How do I manage my team as effectively as possible? How do I apply different managing styles in different situations? And how do I give and receive feedback effectively in a variety of conversational situations?

    In our Situational Leadership training your managers learn to recognise your employees’ needs exactly. By applying the right style, they learn to utilise your employees’ qualities and to motivate their people. During our training we give them insight, deepening and intensification of skills by using interactive working methods.

    For whom?

    The Situational Leadership training is suitable for both trainee and senior managers.

    Which subjects will be addressed?

    • What is situational leadership?
    • What is the best way to manage a team?
    • What does a leadership style analysis tell you about your preferred managing style?
    • Determining the employees’ task maturity
    • Determining which managing style is most effective in a certain situation
    • Result-oriented instruction, motivation, stimulation and delegation
    • Practical exercise based on one’s own cases
    • How to give and receive feedback, 360 degrees
    • Exemplary conduct
    • Personal action plan and buddy system

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